“Don’t expect a perfect election in 2011”

These are the words of warning from the Chairman of Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jegu. The professor attended a colloqium over the weekend, focusing on matters concerning Rwanda, the Congo and Nigeria.

Prof. Jegu plans to restore faith in Nigerian elections (source)

Discussing plans for next year’s election at the 2010 Achebe Colloquium – held at the American Ivy League  university, Brown – he announced that members of the National Youth Service Corps and senior level students of Nigerian universities will be employed by the commission during the election. How effective this will be in keeping corruption low is uncertain.

However, Prof did have some positive words to say about the upcoming elections. “We have been inspired by the growing and overflowing positive feeling of Nigerians to get things right,” Prof. Jega said. He also promised that the INEC “will bring a remarkable and substantive improvement that will make Nigerians accept the credibility of the elections.”

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