Occupy Nigeria – Nigerians take action against a corrupt political system

The oil subsidy removal may have been the catalyst for this protest, but the people of Nigeria are protesting about more than one policy change. A nationwide strike began yesterday, and protests are taking place across the country.

A deep unease in how the country is being run has finally made Nigerians take action against a party that does not appear to have the country’s best interests at heart. During a “tweet-meet” session on Twitter, tweeters were invited to ask the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, questions about the removal. I asked who would benefit the most from removing the subsidy. This was the reply:

Twitter "Tweet Meeting"

Nigerians are saying enough to this kind of logic, which will not only leave millions worse off than they were before, but will also prevent a real middle class from developing in the country.

I have addressed the removal in a previous post but what’s important about this protest is the power of the people. Their voices are what matters.  Al Jazeera have uploaded a video on the protest, which not only explains the situation, but includes views from average Nigerians.

Enjoy – and listen out for the jaw-dropping salaries government officials are being paid!

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