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Protest group labels Atiku’s election as ‘worrisome’

The head of the Anti-Babangida coalition has sent out a warning to Nigeria against presidential candidate Alahji Atiku Abubakar.

Since being elected as the northern candidate in November by the Northern Political Leader Forum (NPLF), Atiku has received harsh criticism over allegations of illegal activity. Biodun Sowunmi, leader of the Anti-Babangida group said:

“the choice of Atiku is worrisome. Our coalition warns Nigerians and all political parties to be wary of presenting Atiku as a candidate in the next elections.”

Atiku allegedly stole 6 billion naira (source)

Sowunmi’s warning comes with evidence of Atiku’s dodgy dealings.  A 330-page report of the U.S. Senate’s investigation sub-committee, exposed the former vice president and his 4th wife, Jennifer Douglas, as being corrupt with details of them laundering more than 6 billion naira through American banks.

The illegal activity took place between 2000-08 – around the same time that Atiku was vice-president. The report also states how Mrs Abubakar, known by several aliases including Jamila Abubakar, spent the money

“paying credit card bills and household expenses in the range of $10,000 to $90,000 per month, including substantial legal and accounting bills”.

In addition to the illegal money, Atiku also acquired assets such as a $1,750,000 mansion,  under Douglas’ name, in Maryland,  America, just a few months after becoming Vice President.

Sowunmi also said:

“After the embarrassment inflicted on Nigeria by the former Governor of Delta state, James Ibori, who lied to Nigerians…we wish to caution against the nomination of a presidential aspirant who may have to face charges in the USA over the Siemens bribery and corruption scandal.”

Atiku has also been hit with allegations of plagiarism, with two members of the governing party, the PDP, accusing Atiku of copying his manifesto from a former contender for president, David Dafinone. However, Atiku’s presidential campaign organisation has refuted these claims, saying that “they could not even present the so-called Dafonine document.”

The money laundering claims are yet to be denied.


Former dictator loses out in race for presidency

Former military dictator, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB), has lost out to Abubakar Atiku to become the northern PDP candidate for the Nigerian presidency.

Atiku was chosen by a committee of 17 to stand for the next presidential elections – to be held early next year. The decision was announced at the Shehu Yar’Adua center in Abuja, yesterday. During his acceptance speech Atiku said:

“I am humbled by this endorsement, and I accept it wholeheartedly, with humility and sense of responsibility. I commend the Consensus Committee for this endorsement and for their sacrifice, their patriotism, their commitment and their integrity.  They have made an important contribution to the unity and stability of this country.”

This news will come as a relief to many who remember Babangida’s numerous human rights abuses during his dictatorship as well as the election he annulled in 1993, when it appeared that he had been beaten by businessman Moshood Abiola. Referring to his leadership credentials the former dictator said: “I have conducted the freest and fairest – and this is attested by the international community – elections in the history of our country. The fact that it was annulled is a different story altogether.”

Babangida wanted another term in power


It seems that Nigeria has had a lucky escape from this clueless tyrant.