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WikiLeaks: UK government’s initiative for Nigerian business

Below are selected WikiLeaks extracts on the UK government’s plans for ‘responsible’ Nigerian business



1. Summary. Following numerous consultations with senior Nigerian political and industry leaders, the UK government is moving forward with an initiative to facilitate responsible business development in Nigeria. Implemented by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the program aims to provide training and high-level coordination to Nigerian policy-makers and corporate leaders, to improve Nigerian companies’ capacity in policy development, regulatory control and communication and to help develop Nigerian industry, especially the energy sector, in an environmentally friendly manner. The program is currently vetting potential participants and will begin training in March 2010. End summary.

Clean Development Mechanisms —————————-

2. The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change’s new program will partner Nigerian policy-makers and industry leaders with senior UK officials to share best practices and offer practical support for the clean development of Nigerian industries, particularly the energy sector. The UK Department for Business will assist in partnering UK corporations with Nigerian counterparts and oversee the advancement of clean development projects.

3. The program plans to partner up to fifty senior Nigerian corporate managers with senior UK government and regulatory department officials to impart best practices in policy development, regulatory practices, commercial contracts, communication and technical skills. Nigerian Business leaders participating in the program will also work with experienced UK-based corporations, especially in the UK oil and gas sector.

Training Goals ————–

4. DECC-provided policy development training will include stakeholder relationship management, principles of transparency, effective consultation procedures and public relations management in an effort to bolster the efficacy of the processes which Nigerian managers use to develop corporate policy.

5. Regulatory Best Practices training will include regulation and pricing workshops, technical standards workshops and systems design and management. This aspect is designed to educate prospective regulatory managers in industry about the core concepts and skills they will need to ensure an effective relationship with regulatory agencies. 6. DECC hopes to establish a Nigerian body with a clear policy framework to provide local assistance and coordination for the program, for which funding has been approved. Program managers have already held a number of high-level consultations on the project with Nigerian counterparts in London and Abuja. The program is currently vetting potential participants with the help of Nigerian regulatory agencies and seeks to begin implementation in early 2010. The program includes the possibility of a UK trade mission to Nigeria by Summer 2010. Visit London’s Classified Website: XXXXXXXXXXXX