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WikiLeaks: Nigerian Oil: Bribes and piracy part 2

Selected Extracts from the WikiLeaks site on oil concerns,piracy, bribery and worries about Yar’Adua’s declining health (continued):

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7. (S/NF) Pickard agreed that the President's health is a guessing 
game. She said that in her recent meetings with Yar'Auda he seems 
alert but drawn in the face and frail. She reported that a Julius 
Berger (protect) contact says that the President was not in danger of 
dying soon but has serious ailments from which he will never fully 
recover. Pickard shared that Berger provides transportation 
including planes for the President and has reportedly flown in 
doctors and technicians to attend the President (reftel). She said, 
for instance, that her Berger contact confided that they flew the 
President from Germany to Saudi in September 2008. Additionally, the 
Berger contact thought the President would not return to the Villa 

ABUJA 00000259 003 OF 003 

offices, as they were moving the President's personal things out of 
the Villa. (Note: What we think this means is that Yar'Adua is 
spending most of his time in the presidential residence and not in 
the Villa offices. End Note). 

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8. (C) The Ambassador asked how comfortable Shell was with the new 
appointment of Dr. Rilwanu Lukman as Minister of Petroleum Resources, 
and the appointment of Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo as the new NNPC GMD. 
Pickard sees the nationalism card cooling with the removal of former 
NNPC GMD Yar'Adua, given that new Minister of Petroleum Lukman is 
more "pragmatic" and will hold sway over deputy Minister Ajumogobia. 
(Note: Ajumogobia's technical assistant told EconOff in a meeting on 
January 14, 2009 that the State Minister was focusing on Gas, since 
before the mass cabinet change he was State Minster of Petroleum, 
with a separate State Minster for Gas.) End Note. She said she was 
also okay with NNPC chief Barkindo. She has worked with Barkindo 
several times over the past few decades, especially when they were 
both working climate change. She said Barkindo led Nigeria's 
technical delegation to climate change negotiations that produced the 
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)and the 
Kyoto protocol to UNFCCC during while he served on its Bureau at 
various times. She indicated that although his undergraduate studies 
were in political science, he obtained his MBA from Southeastern 
University in Washington DC and did postgraduate work in petroleum 
economics and management at Oxford University. Although she also said 
terms like nationalistic and Chavez she however said that she thought 
he could be steered in the right direction on the petroleum sector. 

- - - - 
- - - - 

9. (C) Although Pickard clearly seems frustrated with the way things 
are going in the maritime security, oil sector legislation, and 
corruption which affects Shell's bottom line, it was useful to hear 
that she has hopes for the new Petroleum Minister and NNPC chief. 
Septel on the Ambassador's meeting with new Petroleum Minister Lukman 
will address many of these same issues. 

10. (U) This cable was coordinated with Consulate Lagos. 


WikiLeaks: Dead president’s dodgy dealings and his very own “Mr. Fix It”

Below is another extract from Wikileaks on dead President Yar’Adua’s close relationship with “rumoured smuggler” Dahiru Mangal and his “dirty” dealings.

1. (S//NF) SUMMARY: XXXXXXXXXXXX alleged a close
association between President Yar,Adua and Katsina native
and rumored smuggler Dahiru Mangal. XXXXXXXXXXXX claimed Mangal
is the President's "Mr. Fix It," taking care of "anything
filthy" Yar'Adua needs done in addition to smuggling items
for several wealthy Nigerian businessmen through Niger into
Kano. Another Kano business contact corroborated XXXXXXXXXXXX 's
allegations, but observed that Mangal no longer deals openly
in illicit activity since Yar'Adua named him a special
advisor earlier this month. As well, XXXXXXXXXXXX maintained that
he had been approached by a man claiming to represent First
Lady Turai Yar'Adua and seeking an USD 2 million pay-off.
While Post cannot independently authenticate these
allegations of corruption by the President or First Lady,
Post has heard rumors of an emergent "Katsina clique" in the
Presidential Villa. END SUMMARY. 

2. (S//NF) Kano real estate entrepreneur and longtime Mission
contact XXXXXXXXXXXX told PolOff February
10 that Katsina native Dahiru Mangal, who XXXXXXXXXXXX contends
deals in illicit smuggling of goods into Nigeria, is also
known as President Yar'Adua's "Mr. Fix It." XXXXXXXXXXXX alleged
a close association between the President and Mangal, dating
to the former's tenure as governor of Katsina, and claimed
the latter remains to this day Yar'Adua's "go-to man" to
accomplish "anything filthy that Yar'Adua needs done."
Mangal, XXXXXXXXXXXX said, is also the "go-to" for any wealthy
Nigerian, who wants to import "just about anything" into
Nigeria. He declined to state whether Mangal smuggled
weapons, drugs, or persons into Nigeria. (On February 17,
PolOff queried another Kano business contact, who
corroborated XXXXXXXXXXXX 's accusations, however claimed Mangal no
longer goes by "Mr. Fix It" since Yar'Adua officially named
him a special advisor earlier this month. Allegedly,
Yar'Adua instructed Mangal to cease any illicit activity if
Mangal wished to enjoy official recognition by the President.
The contact implied this may connote, inter alia, that
Yar'Adua desires to maintain at least the appearance of
respect for rule of law, and thus, does not want any of his
close advisors openly involved in suspect activity.) 

several Nigerian businessmen who have employed Mangal's
services over the past several years. Reportedly, Mangal owns a warehouse across
the Niger border (likely close to the Katsina border with
Jibiyya and Maradi) in which he stores hundreds of 40-foot
shipping containers. XXXXXXXXXXXX claimed Mangal is able to
import goods from around the world, including China. In
return, Mangal requests a flat fee of 2 million naira (USD
17,000), excluding the cost of goods. Approximately 100
containers per month are brought into Kano, and goods are
then delivered to clients or sold in Kano's Kurmi market. 

4. (S//NF) Mangal also operates several legitimate
businesses, XXXXXXXXXXXX asserted, including Mangal Airlines. The
National Hajj Commission of Nigeria contracted Kabo,
Bellview, Meridian, and Mangal Airlines for the December 2007
hajj operations, which transported approximately 100,000
Nigerians to Saudi Arabia for the annual pilgrimage. (Note:
Many Nigerian Muslims have criticized the GON's handling of
the 2007 hajj claiming several thousand Nigerians were left
stranded in Saudi Arabia and could not return to Nigeria,
except without extraordinary hardship, and several others
were never airlifted from Nigeria at all. End Note.) 

XXXXXXXXXXXX had been approached recently by a man claiming to speak on
behalf of First Lady Turai Yar'Adua. The person, who arrived
at the meeting with XXXXXXXXXXXX in a Peugeot with a
"presidential" license plate, told XXXXXXXXXXXX the First Lady
would "allow" them to construct the homes so long as she is
given an advance payment of 250 million naira (USD 2
million). XXXXXXXXXXXX said he was willing to offer the First 

ABUJA 00000320 002 OF 002 

Lady twenty plots of land instead, to which the presumed
emissary grimaced. The negotiations, XXXXXXXXXXXX told PolOff,

6. (C//NF) NOTE: During a late January conversation with
purchased an USD 10 million house in central London
approximately 7 years ago, XXXXXXXXXXXXX.
This house apparently was excluded from President
Yar,Adua,s public declaration of assets in June 2007, which
put his total wealth at approximately USD 7 million. END

7. (S//NF) COMMENT: While XXXXXXXXXXXX is a trusted, longtime
Mission contact who has provided veracious information in the
past, we cannot independently confirm his statements
regarding Mangal or the First Lady. Certainly, the man who
approached XXXXXXXXXXXXX seeking a pay-off may simply have been
attempting to exploit the First Lady's name for personal
enrichment. We have heard rumors of the emergence of a
"Katsina clique" in the Villa -- a group of individuals from
the President's home state of Katsina who reportedly
constitute Yar'Adua's inner circle and increasingly, control
access to him. The surfacing of this group may be a
corrollary to Yar'Adua's lack of national exposure (and
hence, his deficiently broad support base) and his inability
thus far to stamp his authority on the ruling People's
Democratic Party. Rumors abound alleging that the First
Lady, Special Advisor Tanimu Yakubu, and Minister of
Agriculture Sayyadi Ruma are involved in corrupt practices.
Reports of both the First Lady and Yakubu's taste for the
high life and tendencies toward illicit enrichment surfaced
during a December 2007 debrief by XXXXXXXXXXXXX
outlined problems he saw in the Villa and cases XXXXXXXXXXXXX
was closely watching (Ref A).
Several contacts from XXXXXXXXXXXXX, moreover, maintain that while
the President "appeared incorruptible" during his tenure as
governor, his wife siphoned off millions in public funds for
private use. Post will closely monitor these accusations and
report any new developments. END COMMENT.

WikiLeaks: Nigeria ‘is punching well below its weight’

Below is an extract from WikiLeaks with comments on Nigeria’s role within the Commonwealth:

“The Commonwealth is also keeping a watchful eye on Nigeria, Banerji noted, as it is “punching well below its weight” and President Yar’Adua’s sudden death has the potential to prompt a constitutional crisis. The Commonwealth would like to see Nigeria more active in the region and in the Commonwealth across the board. Banerji noted that Yar’Adua did not make a single intervention at the last CHOGM, contrasting sharply with former President Obsanjo who had been active in Commonwealth affairs.”

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